Why are your prices so much cheaper than other hunting companies?

Comparing our prices with other hunting companies, we are definitely more affordable – In general we are self-sustained in terms of the animals we hunt – we hunt most of the animals on our 9000+ acre property, thus removing the middle-man from the system. We can also charge less for day fees as we can accommodate you in our own farm house and because we don’t have to travel far to get to hunting areas. You will notice that our prices for animals we can’t hunt on our properties are relatively the same as other hunting companies – e.g. Gemsbuck, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest are hunted in other areas and therefore they are about the same as other companies charge.

What is your Ranch-house/ Lodge like?

We have a lodge on the property. There are 6 guest bedrooms with en suite facilities in most. The lodging is sufficient, but not 5-star. You will quickly realize on the safari that you only spend a couple of hours sleeping in the bedroom and most of your time around the campfire or in the bush. We can sleep 6 guests privately or 12 guests if some share rooms. We also have 6 other sleeping compartments in the train if there is a need for them. We can safely handle up to 12 hunters, but the ideal size for a group is 4-8 people.

When is the best time to come?

We can hunt and do Kruger Safari’s all year round, but the best time to hunt is during the dry winter months of April, May, June, July, August and even September. For Bow-hunting the best is July, August and September. We can do Kruger Park Safari’s year round, but the best time is also during winter. December is very hot, but can be wonderful too as there are many baby animals born during this time.

What does your day fees include?

The day fees include airport transfers, guides, skinning and trophy treatment on the farm, accommodation, food, snacks, softdrinks, water and reasonable alcoholic drinks are also included. We can do specialized wine tasting for you if you wish, at a small extra fee – we can even fly in a wine-maker from the World Famous Cape Winelands for you if you so desire.

The day fees exclude Airfares, taxidermist fees and trophy export.

What about Malaria?

The Hunting is done outside of Malaria areas (unless specifically stated to you in our communication) The Kruger Park is a known Malaria Area. If you come during the dryer winter months, the risk decreases significantly, but you still need to take proper care to not get bitten. We suggest to all our Kruger Park guests to take Malaria prophylactic tablets. Contact us for more info on what to take or see your local physician.