Hunting Safari

Whether you are hunting for big game or the diverse plains game of Africa, expect and unforgettable experience!


Hunting in South Africa is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. The combination of climate, habitat, diversity of species and the unparalleled hospitality of the people of the “Rainbow Nation” makes this the trip of a lifetime. Whether you are hunting for big game or for the beautifully diverse plains game of Africa, there is always a reward at the end of a hard days fair chase hunting. There are few things in this world that compare with the grace of the Kudu Bull or the Beauty of an African Fish Eagle calling in the early morning – and off course, there is also the sunsets at the end of the day. Sometimes we find ourselves sitting around the camp fire in the Lapa and thinking – “There is no place like AFRICA” while a Jackal echoes our thoughts in the bush around us.

Why are your prices so much cheaper than other hunting companies?

Comparing our prices with other hunting companies, we are definitely more affordable – In general we are self-sustained in terms of the animals we hunt – we hunt most of the animals on our 9000+ acre property, thus removing the middle-man from the system. We can also charge less for day fees as we can accommodate you in our own farm house and because we don’t have to travel far to get to hunting areas. You will notice that our prices for animals we can’t hunt on our properties are relatively the same as other hunting companies – e.g. Gemsbuck, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest are hunted in other areas and therefore they are about the same as other companies charge.

When to Come:

You can come any time of the year and every season has its own beauty, but for hunting, the best time is from April till September. during these cooler, dry months the game are more visible and are seen around waterholes more often. During the wet summer months the bush is a lot greener and animals tend to hide in the lush grass. The abundance of small waterholes makes it also more challenging for the hunt. However, during the summer time you also get to see hundreds of baby animals, playing across the savannah – an awesome site to be sure. For Photo safari’s the months of April to September is also best, but once again you can come any time.

What to Expect:

Expect the “EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME.” Whether you are doing hunting, photo safari or even just a breakaway – South Africa always rewards it visitors with great hospitality and its exceptional beauty. There is no place like Africa! We will make sure that you are safely transported around the country to your different destinations. Our guides are among the best around and are not only knowledgeable of the intricacies of the African Bush but also of the many stories it keeps. Imagine sitting on safari, looking at a full grown male lion in its own habitat or sitting next to a waterhole as a herd of Elephants comes to drink, watching a Leopard stalk an impala and pulling it up a tree – you have just experienced a small taste of AFRICA – but there is so much more than you imagine. Your African Adventure Awaits you. WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING FOR YOU – Food, accommodation, transport, drinks, guides. All you need to do is ARRIVE!


Our hunting accommodation is in a beautiful lodge under Camelthorn trees. The Kruger Park house is right on the edge of the well known Sabie River, looking into the Kruger Park. We often see elephants, buffalo’s, Hippo’s and sometimes even Rhino, Lion and Leopard right from the house. We do day drives into the park from this house. See the PHOTO’S BELOW of life in the “Hunting Camp and Kruger Park”

What does your day fees include?

The day fees include airport transfers, guides, skinning and trophy treatment on the farm, accommodation, food, snacks, softdrinks, water and reasonable alcoholic drinks are also included. We can do specialized wine tasting for you if you wish, at a small extra fee – we can even fly in a wine-maker from the World Famous Cape Winelands for you if you so desire.

The day fees exclude Airfares, taxidermist fees and trophy export permits.